Believe it or not, most countries have their own version of a crepe. Whether it is a dosa, blintz, quesadilla, or pancake the idea is the same. These international crepes are what inspire us at Mobatta to fuse flavors from around the world into our crepes. Whether it's our Pepperoni Calzone Crepe, or the Thai Peanut Chicken Crepe, Mobatta is always incorporating exciting international flavors into its menu.

Mobatta understands that you need to create your own "batta". This is why we offer a customizable menu that is fresh, healthy, and filling. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack we want you to find your own batta. Tickle you taste buds with a ham, egg and cheese breakfast Mobatta, or sooth your sweet tooth with a strawberry & Nutella Mobatta. Every item is prepared fresh while you watch the entire process. We are proud to be the only crepe restaurant mastering the art of crepes to-go.

Mobatta's Mission is to be the premier crepe brand in the fast casual breakfast category, building lasting relationships in communities as we grow. 
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